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I Graduated High School Early to Commence my Vocation, Driving Nails as a House Framer . . . Some Move, Huh?

I spent a portion of my weekends during my teenage years, all of my twenties, and part of my thirties in the field of construction. I began my career at 14 learning how to side houses. Two years later, I graduated high school early to commence my vocation, driving nails as a house framer . . . some move, huh?

I stepped into the field of commercial construction and ran my first job at 23, as a superintendent.  Construction was good to me, but then I found something better. I began to work for a pharmaceutical company in their trade show division.

I’ve gone around my elbow to get to my thumb, the long way you might say, to talk a bit about fasteners.

I’ve attached one piece of material to another piece of material since there were pieces of material to be attached to other pieces of material.

I couldn’t begin to name the different substances I’ve used, some so hard it would dull several diamond tipped bits before the hole would reach the other side.

Fasteners come in every shape and size to connect just about anything to anything else.

The nuts and bolts include any material having a solid form such as: wood, metal, stone, plastic, glass, fabric, earth, and many more I either can’t remember or was ever aware.

Take the a fore mentioned list, mix it with a similar list and you can attach everything from your skivvies to the bumper of your grandma’s “78” Grand Marquis, from a weather worn tennis racket, to the underside of your downstairs half-bath.

And, there you have it. Positively everything you need to know about fastening one thing to another. Remember folks, you heard it here first. Have one great week! And, may God bless!

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To Get Where I Am Today Employment Wise, I’ve Certainly Taken The Long Way Around

To get where I am today, employment wise, I’ve certainly taken the long way around and invested in different career paths–mainly construction.

Within the field of construction, in some cases much to my wonder, I have completed tasks I felt were above my training. Case in point: I worked with the same project manager on different jobs with different companies in several different types of construction projects for numerous years. Now it bears saying this project manager thought I could do any and everything.

One job in particular required the removal of high-strength, concrete panels loaded with rebar. After attempting everything but dynamite, I suggested a jack hammer mounted on a backhoe. When the backhoe arrived on the job site, it didn’t come complete with an operator, but with a seat for me to park my behind. Fortunately, I had experienced a minimum number of hours on one of these machines, when I worked on the railroad minus the jackhammer attachment. The job actually went much smoother than I’d expected and turned out to be a unique experience.

Another instance, I was the superintendent on several smaller jobs on a military complex. I required a section of metal steps to be removed, making room for duct work. Once again I received a cutting torch and tanks, but no welder. In the past, I’d used a cutting torch just enough to be dangerous. This too ended with no explosions, deaths, or injuries and was one of my last jobs in the field of construction before delving into the world of writing.

It’s amazing to see how we are led through different paths until finding our way home.

Have a spectacular week, may God bless and if you get bored, build something.

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If You Build It, They Will Come

Have you ever paid attention to architecture during your travels whether rolling through the latest subdivision or a historic part of town? Do any aspects of the buildings reach out and grab you?

With me, I have to say yes. I began my working career in the building business. My father was a carpenter, my grandfather a carpenter and my uncle a carpenter. I guess it was natural for me to follow suit.

I helped my uncle side a house when I was fourteen years old. I worked after school and on weekends. Graduating from high school a year early, I immediately commenced to driving nails at the ripe old age of seventeen in my quest to learn house construction.

After building everything from ranchers to 3,000 square foot mansions, including working on historic houses, I ventured into commercial work. I was already proficient trimming houses but found a whole new animal when it came to intricate trim work in places such as churches, funeral homes, and high-end office buildings.

My next step was totally different when I began building supermarkets and commercial buildings. I continued this type of work until becoming a superintendent in my twenties, now in charge of instructing people to do what I had done while climbing the ladder in my chosen career.

Then one day I was offered a position at a pharmaceutical company in their display department. It was here I worked for sixteen years until my diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.

With new physical challenges I needed to find something that could adapt to the changes in my life. With much thought, soul searching and a healthy push from my son I entered the world of writing.

I have not experienced a single moment of regret, and don’t believe I could find another vocation that would give me as much satisfaction while extending the amount of fun I experience each day. And I mustn’t forget the one that made all of this possible, my Lord Jesus!

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