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Talking with a good friend last week, I learned something new about an item in which I formally indulged not so many years ago. The item is cigarettes. Before I was born, they were an accepted and almost expected part of life. When I was a kid in the seventies, they remained a full blown part of society.

Cigarettes were advertised on television with catchy slogans such as, “I’d rather fight than switch,” or jingles like, “You’ve come a long way, baby, to get where you’ve got to, today. You’ve got your own cigarette now, baby; you’ve come a long, long way.” How about, “You can’t take the country out of Salem.”? Certainly something you wouldn’t see today.

Even though I’m a former smoker, I’m not a nicotine-Nazi and believe as long as you’re a common-sense distance away from non-smokers, ‘Burn’em if you’ve got’em.’

The one thing that would make me quit if I still partook of nicotine is the price. I couldn’t believe when my friend told me a pack of cigarettes in a tobacco state like Virginia, which is where we live, is $7. Take a jaunt north to the ‘Big Apple’ and you’ll pay $14/per pack. Trek ‘Down Under’ and you’re looking at $30 bucks a pack. These are based on a pack of Marlboro Reds. If you’re looking to purchase a carton in Virginia expect to spend $70 or more, and check this out, last year, for the first time in 20 years, cigarette sells were up . . . go figure.

Talk about sticker shock and this is an item that after it’s purchased is literally set afire and burned until nothing’s left!

Have one fantastic week and may God’s blessings fall upon you and yours!

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