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Do You Ever Look Around and Contemplate the Oddities Found in Everyday Life?

Do you ever look around and contemplate the oddities found in everyday life? Some we create and others happen naturally, but there are those odd few that play out on a television screen.

For instance, even though it was before my time, I enjoy watching the Andy Griffith show. It lacks most of what I find offensive in today’s programming, but one thing always puzzles me. Why are there no bathrooms in the cells of the Mayberry jail?

Something similar is perplexing in Jaws 4. There is a scene where Michael Caine falls off the boat and into the ocean only to emerge with a dry shirt. I don’t suppose it’s impossible, but highly unlikely to a factor of ten. By my way of thinking, there’s not enough alcohol to make this remotely possible . . . nuff said.

I guess you could call this next one a pet peeve of mine . . . nah; I don’t care for that phrase, so we’ll say oddity instead. Have you ever noticed new residential construction with a cedar shake roof? The wood is warm, beautiful, and inviting. Six months later, that same roof looks as though it is part of an eighteenth century structure, slated to be torn down in the near future. Some folks like them and there’s nothing wrong with that, they just don’t appeal to me.

I just traveled around my elbow to get to my thumb four separate times. I guess that’s a good example of taking the long way.

I hope you had a grand Thanksgiving. Christmas is just around the corner. The best to you and yours and may God bless.

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