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I’ll Huff Then I’ll Huff Again (Completely Bypassing the Puff) Blow it Down and Dine at My Leisure….With a Bottle of MD 20-20 and Lima Beans

dbb8c9f9cf0ef953be31e53fb01984c5Once again a friend of mine has approached me about doing a children’s book. She is an illustrator and thinks collaboration would be a worthwhile endeavor. This friend knows that I write science fiction, fantasy, and adventure with a considerable amount of violence amongst all the nasty critters that I create for that particular volume. That doesn’t seem to bother her (I’m giving it serious consideration) and she doesn’t see a problem.

I think I’ve got a general outline and would appreciate any feedback from my trusted readers.

Imagine a peaceful backyard nearing the end of spring. A sweet little bunny rabbit cautiously nibbles on the tender grass shoots at the edge of a forest and the beginning of the yard. He moves further and further into the lawn looking for the choicest plants to ingest.

A butterfly flutters down and lands on a dandelion just in front of the bunny.

“What’s your name?” the butterfly asked.

“My name is Zorn. I hail from the planet, Remalac.” The bunny stood on his rear legs and crossed his chest with his front paw.

“Very nice to make your acquaintance,” the butterfly said. “My name is Sparkles. Would you be my friend?”

“I do not understand this friend you speak of,” Zorn said. “However, I do require nourishment for I have traveled many parsecs to reach your world.”

“We have many delicacies I’m sure you would enjoy,” Sparkles said.

“I would be interested in sampling your goods,” Zorn replied.

“Wonderful,” Sparkles said. “I will take you to some lovely—”

Sparkles lurched violently with a sucking sound, disappearing into Zorn’s mouth. He moved toward the house that sat in the middle of the lawn. Inhaling deeply, he blew down the back door and ingested any organic beings within the structure. Screams of desperation could be heard followed by the sucking sound as four of the occupants disappeared.

Zorn stepped out of the back door, turned to face the house, and blew reducing the structure to rubble.

A small burp followed by a “pardon” and Zorn skittered away looking for more friends and snacks.

Now you see the problems that could arise reading such a story to a toddler before bedtime?

I think perhaps it’s time to have a heart to heart with my illustrator buddy. If she still wants to proceed with the project, then what the hey? What’s a few nightmares among friends?

Besides, I don’t think we’d have to worry about a children’s bedtime horror story flying off the shelves.

The book hasn’t been written and I wouldn’t endorse it, but you just never know.

Until next week….


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