“Artificial Intelligence,” is It a Boon Or a Bane?

Artificial Intelligence, better known as A.I., has been around longer than most of us know.

If you ask one of the ‘Silicone Valley’ types, they will likely say something such as, “A.I. poses no threat to copyrights, authors, photographs nor does it pose any danger, creating a machine that can take over mankind. That is simply nothing more than science fiction.”

Hmmmm. So, they say. The problem being, however, that even now, A.I. can write a book. Though redundant and uninteresting, it would nonetheless be a book.

Photographs can now be copied, not perfectly; however, the technology is firmly in place and getting better.

While copyright infringement provides protection against most fears listed above, AI  is becoming so good at what it does proving the violation may be a challenge. And what I have listed above is but a fraction of what it can do.

 A.I. is growing at leaps and bounds, not over years, mind you, but months. In less than a half year, A.I. may double what it now can do.

Have you seen the movie, ‘I Robot’ with Will Smith? . . . Maybe not so far fetched.

Have a wonderful week and don’t overly concern yourself with doom’s day thinking. There’s One above who controls all! Thank GOD!


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