Remember the Daze We Were Hooked on Fonix?

Remember the daze we were hooked on fonix? You gotta admit that thoze were the best of timz becuz speling becaam so simplistic. No mor looking throo the dicshunary to lern the proper wa to spel in e givin werd.

Fonix maaks evryda liif e-z-er. Street siins becum a simple thing to reed. Labels on the bak of pakagez, a breez to understand and instrukshuns to most n-e-thing efortles to falow.

Wot I am having truble rapping my head arond is y we dident develep the wondurful proces we cal fonix erlier? It wood hav maad skool work much les of a chore, and liif n general a mor plesent xpereens, and y dident we adopt this program as i-wor regular corikqulum? . . . Sumtims we don’t no wen we hav it maad.

Hav a wondurful wek and may God bles!

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