I Graduated High School Early to Commence my Vocation, Driving Nails as a House Framer . . . Some Move, Huh?

I spent a portion of my weekends during my teenage years, all of my twenties, and part of my thirties in the field of construction. I began my career at 14 learning how to side houses. Two years later, I graduated high school early to commence my vocation, driving nails as a house framer . . . some move, huh?

I stepped into the field of commercial construction and ran my first job at 23, as a superintendent.  Construction was good to me, but then I found something better. I began to work for a pharmaceutical company in their trade show division.

I’ve gone around my elbow to get to my thumb, the long way you might say, to talk a bit about fasteners.

I’ve attached one piece of material to another piece of material since there were pieces of material to be attached to other pieces of material.

I couldn’t begin to name the different substances I’ve used, some so hard it would dull several diamond tipped bits before the hole would reach the other side.

Fasteners come in every shape and size to connect just about anything to anything else.

The nuts and bolts include any material having a solid form such as: wood, metal, stone, plastic, glass, fabric, earth, and many more I either can’t remember or was ever aware.

Take the a fore mentioned list, mix it with a similar list and you can attach everything from your skivvies to the bumper of your grandma’s “78” Grand Marquis, from a weather worn tennis racket, to the underside of your downstairs half-bath.

And, there you have it. Positively everything you need to know about fastening one thing to another. Remember folks, you heard it here first. Have one great week! And, may God bless!

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