So Much Attention Paid to a Mere Snot Locker

This is the first blog I’ve posted in a couple of weeks due to a hospital stay. The extended need for medical attention came about due to complications from a sinus infection–so much attention paid to a mere snot locker.

The care I received was exceptional. God’s grace made my stay pleasant to say the least. The nursing staff was kind and patient. The doctors were attuned to my needs and I had a large room to accommodate all the necessary medical equipment plus the traveling road show of supplies and equipment my journeying companion brings along as necessities for any journey I undertake.

Hospital stays are not normally enjoyable for anyone, myself included; however, if you find yourself restricted between the walls of one of these medical domiciles, I pray your experience to be just as pleasant as mine.

Have one fantastic week and may God bless.    

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