I Purchased My First Computer in the Mid-90s. It Was a Packard Bell With Enough Disc Space For a Good Laugh by Today’s Standards.

I purchased my first computer in the mid-90s. It was a Packard Bell with enough disc space for a good laugh by today’s standards.

According to Nickolaus Hines of “All Things Interesting,” the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer (ENIAC) was our very first computer. The ENIAC had 17,468 vacuum tubes. It required 1,800 square feet of warehouse space and weighed more than 25 tons. This baby could execute 5,000 instructions per second.

In comparison, the iPhone 6 weighs-in at a hefty 4.55 ounces and performs 25 billion instructions per second.

I bought my first computer for my son, who was barely in grade school, never intending to take the plunge into the world of technology myself.

Well, looking at then and now, if I had to eat all the words spoken in a negative light toward our obsession with technology, I’d have a backlog of food to last me quite a few years.

My son, of course, is a computer junkie. When I became an author, right away I could not imagine penning a novel on an archaic typewriter, word processor, and certainly not, with pen and paper.

I guess it boils down to never saying never, for if you do, the “never” bug would most assuredly turn its nasty head and take a bite.

Have a great week! May God bless! And take a little time out of your Monday as you fire your computer up, to remember the ENIAC. Thank goodness, we’ve come as far as we have.

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