On December 21st, We Will Be Treated to a Rare Sight Termed, “The Great Conjunction of 2020”

On December 21st, we will be treated to a rare sight termed, “The Great Conjunction of 2020,” when Jupiter and Saturn, according to astronomy.com, appear to almost merge. Astronomers are calling this a Christmas Star which hasn’t been seen in roughly 800 years.

Forbes.com tells us a triple conjunction, (three great conjunctions in one year) transpired in 7 BC. I find this amazing, as Jesus’ birthday actually took place in June or July coinciding with the three instances allowing for the Christmas Star to appear. What better way for God to implement the appearance of the Christmas Star than to used a natural occurrence, such as the Great Conjunction.

This December 21st, 45 minutes after sunset look into the southwestern sky and perhaps you’ll see the Christmas Star.

Merry Christmas and may God bless!

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