Up, Up, and Away . . . Unless You Have Something Better, It is Kinda Dated

The majority of the population takes at least one day off a week. Even though I love writing, I take my author hat and hang it on the coat rack to ready myself for a much needed 24-hour respite.

My day off is quite a bit different from what you may think. To give you an idea, I’ll relate last week’s time away from the workplace. It began, as you would think for any crime fighting super hero, with me patrolling the skies above Richmond, Tappahannock, and West Point, Virginia. My territory encompasses other towns such as Mechanicsville; however, as all the good citizens who populate these areas are oblivious to my presence, the names of the locations are really not important.

On this particular night, I sense in the calm waters of the James River just downstream from First Break, my nemesis who has plagued this city for untold centuries.  I manage to keep the fair inhabitants in the dark as to the presence of this beast, but this thin strand of control is slipping away.

The people of this river city call the monster nothing, for they know not of its existence. I named the sixty-foot long serpentine creature, Bob, mainly because I like the name.

As I search the area it seems as though Bob has given me the slip. This development bodes well, as it means the good citizens of Richmond are once again safe. With daylight on the horizon, another night of patrol is nearing an end. That’s the way the crime fighting game goes. Sometimes ya bag’em, and sometimes ya don’t.

I’ll head back to the crime lab and study the most recent sightings of Bob to date. Although I’ve never actually seen him, I have an excellent image, albeit old, and eye witness reports, that make me think I’ll have this beast in custody someday soon.

So that’s me in a nutshell, mild mannered writer by day, and intrepid crime fighter one night a week.


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