Once again, it’s the time of year we celebrate the birth of our nation with a holiday we simply refer to as July 4. If you were to track down exact dates, you could start with the American Revolution, which began in April 1775, Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of Independence in June 1776, the actual Declaration of Independence, July 2, 1776, or the signing of the document, August 2, 1776.

July 4, was a day for hanging around and putting the final touches on the historical text. The paper, essentially telling England to “back off,” was delivered to Great Britain in November 1776.

Independence is more than just a word; it is a vast concept that we all wish to attain. If we live independent lives, in most cases, we will risk that life to maintain our freedom.

This year, set aside time to realize the many reasons you enjoy the liberties you do and give thanks to those who make/made it possibe.

  • The service men and women who gave their all, including their families who begrudgingly let them go.
  • Police officers, fire fighters and other civil service employees who sacrifice their lives, protecting us from anarchy, as our first responders.

Everyday faces in the crowd who step out to take on injustice. These are the faces of independence which we salute this July 4, 2019, and praise the God that gives us these and innumerable blessings each day!



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