If You Thought You Were a Character Who Thought They Were You, Would the Character Think You Were Wrong or Would You Think You Were Right? Personally, I’m Thinking You’re Both In Need of Help.

58542183-literary-classics-and-fictional-characters-dreamed-up-by-a-childThis is an odd question, but do you ever consider personalities? Okay, have you ever considered your own personality? Now it pretty much goes without saying that we all consider other people’s personalities, whether good or bad.

It’s kinda like Jesus when He said, and I paraphrase: remove the plank from your own eye before removing the speck from your neighbor’s eye.

I guess you’re wondering what this has to do with anything. Well, I’ll tell ya. Do you feel that you pass on your personality traits to the characters in your books? You would almost have to, to some extent.

It would also depend in which genre you chose to write. In my case, I write science fiction, fantasy, action adventure and now, I’m in the middle of a children’s book for my grandson. Go figure.

I certainly hope the attributes I pass on to my characters are basically good, although I know that’s not necessarily the case.    I have loads of nasty, and downright mean, characters threaded throughout my writings. I wouldn’t be surprised if a sliver of me found its way into some of these creatures. Or perhaps I’m writing in this fashion, looking for a way to express the feelings that I don’t possess…Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So in conclusion (since I’ve determined I’m not a ghoul), maybe examining your writing would give you an inside look at yourself and save loads of money on therapy.

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