Water, Water Everywhere…and There Seems to be Quite a Bit to Drink

6782242-cool-mountain-stream-wallpaperAs a writer constantly looking for ideas, especially in nature, God gave us a beautiful world to enjoy and in the case of an author, a plethora of ideas to explore when writing a story.

I am a great believer in the fact that we are to be stewards of this God-given gift which includes conservation of our natural resources.

Now don’t misunderstand what I am about to say, but I have always wondered about conserving water. In the case of a drought, I believe that conservation is a necessary action, but only on a temporary basis.

Let me explain. Water is something we all need to survive, but when water is used does it really go away never to be seen again?

Water is cyclical (by that I mean it gathers in lakes, oceans, rivers…you get the idea). The sun causes it to evaporate; it falls again as rain, keeping ground water and aquafers full. The water drains through the ground filtering as it flows through sand, rocks and other formations. We dig wells to access this clean H2O while most of it travels once again into the lakes, oceans and so forth, beginning where it left off.

So the water we use actually never leaves the Earth; it just travels around seeking new adventures, new bodies of water to explore until it ends up back into a glass quenching our thirst once again.

Kind’a makes me want to take a shower. Maybe it’ll be the same water Hemmingway slurped down after eating a conch in Key West.

Talk about a load of ideas for a novel. I think I just hit a gold mine.

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