If Reading is Fundamental Then Why do we Spend so Much Time Writing. We Should be Reading. No One Said That Writing was Fundamental.

author in shortsMy last blog dealt with styles of writing beginning with several of the masters (i.e. Hemingway, King and Wells) working our way down (I don’t want to say the bottom of the barrel, but it is what it is) me.

After weeding through different techniques (I concluded my style being that of a pinball machine as I bounced all over the place), I recall thinking there had to be more than the information I’d brought to light. Barely having scratched the surface, I knew in my heart this wasn’t the be all to end all.

That’s when I set out to prove that the information given regarding how authors actually write had been a smoke screen designed to keep the general population in the dark. A lie, if you will, perpetuated by those who wanted the truth to remain in the hands of hardliners determined to keep it forever hidden.

Here’s what I’ve been able to glean after an exhaustive search:

1.) Most authors tend to write differently.

The rest of this valuable information I have coaxed from the deepest recesses of my cranium:

2.) Some authors structure their entire book before penning the first letter.
3.) Others layout each chapter before beginning.
4.) Some outline their perspective novel on a chalk or miracle board allowing them to refer to their notes as they write.
5.) And then there are the rebels, the renegades if you will. Those who thumb their noses at what is considered normal. They begin their novel staring at a blank page, waiting for an idea. Even though that blank page may mock and waggle its tongue in an unacceptable manner, it will behave once you pen your first word. After beginning, you’ll fly by the seat of your pants until the last page and boy, what a ride it will be. I’m not ashamed to admit this is more or less my style of writing. I feel it allows me more freedom, more room to get into real trouble and more opportunities to work myself out of that trouble.

All in all, for me, it’s the way to go. Of course, everyone has their own style and none are wrong. So celebrate your particular style of writing and watch out for low flying buzzards. One just near about nailed me upside the head.

See ya next week…so quit reading other people’s stuff and get back to writing!

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