Have You Read the Book about the Grasshopper and the Caterpillar Due to be an Instant Classic? I Hope.

As much as I enjoy writing fantasy and science fiction, I believe some of the most gratifying momentscaterpillar have come from penning a children’s book for my little grandson. His name is Elijah, but to me, he’ll always be l’il Ed.

That name came about in an unusual way. A good friend of mine whom I worked with for years answered a telephone call that was meant for me. Not having the best command of the English language, he called out to me. The ensuing garbled message ended with my name sounding like “Ed.”

Needless to say, the name stuck and many of my coworkers began calling me Ed. I in turn saddled my little buddy with the same name, making him my namesake. Perfectly legal in my eyes since my eyes were the only ones looking at the situation through my eyes.

Now, l’il Ed is every bit of three years old. At this young age he is a certified engineer on steam, diesel and electric locomotives and has received an honorary Ph.D. of numbers. His post graduate work revolves around exotic, as well as classic, automobiles.

The book is nearing completion. Although the story is in place, illustrations, cover art, and back matter are still in the making.

In order to give you a short synopsis, the book contains two characters. Papa (that would be me) as a grand daddy long-legs and l’il Ed (that would be l’il Ed) as a tiny caterpillar who rides atop Papa’s back.

They share adventures and view first-hand the miracle of God’s creation.

One of my best buds, Suzie, is taking care of the illustrations. I look forward to the day I can hand l’il Ed his very own book… Oh, I forgot to mention, he is also a master of the written word.

On a totally unrelated side note, let me know if you think this phrase could catch on? I was using Dragon software and my computer decided to type anything but what was dictated: “It didn’t take me long to cursor across the age.”

Not bad for a machine run amok… Huh?

Until next week, have a wonderful seven days.

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