Public Service Announcement

The one thing I avoid at all costs is to be a bother in any way to my readers. That being said, my boss requires I post information on my books from time to time. Being as I need this job, I must bow to the wishes of my superior.

Trying to discipline oneself is extremely difficult and should be left to the experts in Human Resources (which does not exist); hence, the preceding message.

Ben’s best friend is killed in an underwater implosion on a dying world. Living to die again, the two men reunite and battle for an ancient artifact, a relic which will ensure this planet’s survival. Ben crosses a threshold. The world he leaves—doomed; the world he enters—reborn. His wife, Eve, and their bumbling charge, Eleazor, follow Ben through the doorway and blindly into the void. “Eden’s Wake” is Book Two in the “Rising Tide” series available in ebook or paperback wherever books are sold.

Investment in this endeavor will garner much appreciation and eliminate the awkward position of self-termination not to mention having to explain my sudden unemployment to my wife.

Thank you.

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