Believe It or Not, Believing What Is Deemed to be Unbelievable Nullifies All Believability

I’ve noticed a rather peculiar thought process that tends to overtake those who indulge in entertainment, i.e. books and motion pictures in the fiction theater (This being more prevalent with the movie-goer than casual reader.)

More often than not, the entertainment buff will cross the boundary between what I like to call, “reality inferred” or “reality implied,” drifting further from the real reality we perceive ourselves to really reside in, whatever you hold the realism of that reality to be.… really!

Case in point: A man is born in a galaxy far from Earth. His planet is destroyed and his mother and father conveniently ship him to Earth. To make a long story short, after he grows and reaches adulthood, he is able to fly, send lasers from his eyes, hear a gnat decompose in Mexico while standing in London, blow out forest fires with a deep breath, and reverse the rotation of the world, sending the Earth backward in time.

During this feature presentation, you’ll hear, “Wow! Look at that! Amazing,” and maybe even a round of applause.

On the flip side, in another theater, seven shots are heard from a six shot revolver and the entire movie is deemed unbelievable.

The right-hand is watching a movie where a child is born, and the next word from your wife or girlfriend is, “That’s not a newborn.” The baby is either too big, too clean or anyone of a rash of reasons why this child is not fresh from the womb.

The left-hand is viewing a flick of a medieval warrior who jumps from a 2000-foot tall castle tower landing perfectly on his Dragon, in flight…Listen to the accolades fly!

Here is a list of honorable mentions in the theatrical world; additional scenes where we, as the movie-goer, believe the unbelievable or scoff at the most mundane of the mundane.

Two men in the middle of a confrontation, already having beaten each other with fists, chains, bats, chairs, knives, guns and rocket launchers, fall together 20 stories, landing on a car, and continue to fight.

In movies, car chases abound. I have found that most police departments are portrayed as inept in turning a steering wheel and if such were the case, should be issued Nerf pedal cars. Of course, it’s hard to defend against turbocharged exotic vehicles that can leave the ground, roll through the air, ultimately landing on their wheels while avoiding the foray.

Now for the crème de la crème:

Two young lovers awaken in the morning. Aside from their pristine look after a night of sleep, their eyes lock and with no regard to the hordes of bacteria present in their gutter mouths, they begin to imbibe each other’s morning breath.

Nuff said. Where’s the mouth wash?

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