If My Brain Could Speak, I Would Be Astounded for Within My Head there Is Naught but Cobwebs and a Detour Sign

As you well know, I just released my latest novel, “Eden’s Wake.” As I sit in my writer’s room, I ponder, “What next?”sci fi writing

What do I do after spending seven long years perfecting (tongue firmly planted in cheek) my latest novel?

Please allow me to tell you. In between all my rewrites, I was able to complete a third book in the series which came together much easier than the second. Perhaps this was a gift from above due to all the glitches (once again tongue firmly planted in cheek) or moreover disasters (tongue quickly removed from cheek) I experienced in “Eden’s Wake.”

For whatever reason, I was indeed grateful, so I began the fourth. After about a third of the way into the fourth novel, I felt a need to pull away from the series and pen a stand-a-lone book.

This one also was a comparatively easy write considering my past experiences. This was a break of sorts from the fantasy, adventure, mystery type genre to, more or less, science fiction with a bit of a western twist.

I also decided to start a short story group on my Facebook account. I publish a story about once a month. This, I’ve really enjoyed. The stories are, of course, short, fun to write and usually end with an upside down twist that sometimes I don’t expect. (If you think that last sentence was a bit confusing, try to imagine what’s flying through my head right now.)

I shouldn’t have to mention my blog, because that’s what I’m writing now. But you know what I’ve determined? I ain’t right. I mean something must be seriously wrong with my thought processes to do the things I do.

Luckily, I’m not dangerous, just a cuddly little nut job. What makes this process so fulfilling are the readers and followers I am able to connect with. Thank you all. Until next week…

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