Swim Before Eating or Eat Before Swimming; I Never Can Remember

Have you ever thought how much writing and eating have in common? You probably haven’t since it’s not a thought that most lobster-300x213

people are likely to have. In fact, I just had that very thought for the first time only moments ago.

 First, let me say that I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a great deal throughout the United States. Although there are many other exotic locations with foods too exotic for my palate, our country offers a fine selection of diverse delicacies–things like crawfish, rattlesnake, alligator, turtle, elk, kangaroo, ostrich, sea urchin, frog legs, goat, snails–to name a few; all delicious in their own right.

 If we combine writing and dining and then put them under the microscope, the similarities begin to surface. This is where all the thinking (you know, my thoughts, your thoughts, and when we think’em) from the first paragraph comes into play.

 For instance, a rich buffalo tenderloin in a wine reduction with potatoes gratin and bacon wrapped asparagus…a meal, such as this could bring to mind any number of classics.

 And by no means would a meal have to be elegant. How many times, if given a choice, would you choose a hot dog loaded with toppings or a double bacon cheeseburger over a perfectly steamed lobster drenched in butter?…… I’ll have to admit that was a pretty sad analogy, but you understand where I’m going with this.

 The hot dog would go hand-in-hand with a whimsical romance novel. The bacon cheeseburger, a testosterone laden action adventure, and the lobster… oh, the lobster… yes, the lobster.… Give… me… the… Lobster!

 Digging into a snail shell for the first time would certainly qualify as a mystery. For some, I have no doubt it would be the equivalent of a horror. (Did I mention that lobster is also delicious grilled over charcoal?)

 Now the rattlesnake and alligator go hand-in-hand with espionage and danger. (Seawater is also a great liquid to cook lobster in…kinda seasons it as it cooks.)

 Now that I’ve shown you how books and food can be linked together maybe you’ll eat more lobster. (They are also known as the roach of the sea. It’s amazing how something can exist on garbage yet its own flesh tastes like the food of the gods.)

 So take the time to pair a book with an exotic food. Or if you feel so inclined eat the book and read your food. Either way, it’s just as fulfilling.

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