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Daydream (Photo credit: kudumomo)

Have you ever sat just daydreaming? Possibly about your past, your childhood, your dreams, or what you hoped to be when you reach adulthood?

Perhaps your present situation comes to mind–marriage to the love of your life; your offspring and the worries that just being a parent bring.

 One undisputed fact is that we are constantly facing the future. What wonders will it bring? Disappointment or a long time dream realized?

 As usual, my daydreams are reserved… maybe that’s the wrong word. Not so much reserved as they tend to pop up when I’m writing but what I’m writing about doesn’t necessarily dictate the content of the daydream itself. There are many lulls as I search my mind for just the right words to complete the particular paragraph I’m working on.

Occasionally while searching for an idea to continue my storyline, I’ll stumble upon a daydream door. Well now, how can I help but turn the knob and enter?

 Now, firmly entrenched in my world within a world, I am a small fellow with a towel tied around his neck, leaping tall buildings in a single bound, out racing speeding bullets, and just downright  saving the world.

 I have an uncle who’s name to the majority of the family is Larry; I call him Wayne. We were quite the pair (him being 13 years my elder) when we were coming up, especially after I reached my mid-teens. Nuff said! What the family don’t know; won’t hurt’em.

 Simply because of its comedic value, I think often of a story my uncle relayed to me. It seems that when he was but a wee lad, during a “reach for the sky,” gun-slinging incident, he backed off the tool-shed roof allowing the dirty hombres to escape!

 For the most part, daydreams can be a welcome respite from the daily grind; however, there are instances when slipping into that midday coma is not recommended.

 Case in point:

 I recall one particular day during my eighth grade math class. If memory serves me correctly, I entered the classroom with my usual eagerness to learn, just brimming with excitement. I made my way to my desk, giddy with the thought of mathematical equations I would soon be able to solve.

 Readying myself for the start of class, I snuggled into my desk to become as comfortable as possible in order to be receptive to the magical problems the teacher would bring that day. To make a long story short, the teacher’s soothing words on such an interesting topic pushed me past the daydream state directly into a sound sleep. The next thing I knew; I was having a rude awakening by way of my snoring. The class was chuckling as the teacher made her way toward my well rested body with flames of passion in her eyes. Needless to say, I still retain the same love for mathematics as I did then.  Please pardon me while I yawn…

In conclusion, enjoy your daydreams. They’re just another way to embrace pleasant memories of your past and create, of a virtual nature, pleasant memories yet to come.

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