Would You Mind Repeating That?…On Second Thought, Never Mind.

President Harry Truman (left), Democratic pres...

President Harry Truman (left), Democratic presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson (right), and Democratic vice presidential candidate John Sparkman (standing) meeting in the Oval Office. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here I sit once again pondering over what to write in this particular blog post.  Now if I were a smart man, I would keep the topic to something that we all can relate to, making it interesting for the majority of my readers.

Does this sound familiar?

“Hi, how you doing?”

“Oh, not too bad, can’t complain.  Nobody wants to listen to me anyway.”

“Yep, ain’t that the truth.”

Now much in this conversation rings true because if you really think about it, no one wants to hear you whine.

And if you really, really think about it, what do the previous sentences I have written have to do with anything other than to take up space on an empty page? More on this later.

Or, how about this?

We all have time pieces.  Wrist watches, wall clocks, dashboard clocks in our vehicles, pocket watches, cell phone clocks, digital alarm clocks (that also play music), clocks on our neighborhood banks, clock towers in our cities, battery operated clocks, atomic clocks and the crème de la crème, the sundial.

Just think: When the last of the world’s fossil fuels are gone, the nuclear power is spent and the solar cells and windmills are long out of style, due to a lack of interest, we’ll still be on time to catch that most important meeting as long as the sun is shining.  (Provided you can read a sundial).

As I scan what I’ve written so far, I’m gripped in a moment of terror. Although you were not aware, this post was a literary experiment and I have mastered what I set out to achieve. By now, you have certainly noticed that this document was pretty much about nothing.

Even though I am first and foremost an author, I wanted to delve into the deep and dark recesses of another type of sentient being. As I have said (and this bears repeating), I achieved this goal.

For I have constructed an entire page of text, wasting my time and yours, with nonsensical rhetoric of no redeeming quality to any living creature, just for the sake of hearing myself talk.

In other words I have managed to emulate a politician.

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