Consider the Television Ad….I’d Just Soon Not. It Gives Me a Headache


no-cable-tv (Photo credit: hjl)

Commercials–we love them; we loathe them; we laugh at them; we stare, mouth agape, wondering what many of them are about…some even watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials.

The networks and cable stations use them to pay for their programming, which seems kind of odd to me. The networks I understand, but we already pay for the cable stations. Hmm…I wonder why we don’t mind paying twice?

Commercials even tell us what holiday to celebrate. Around August, we know that Halloween is only two short months away. Before Halloween can come and go, Thanksgiving ads slide across the flat screen reminding us to purchase the turkey and all of the trimmings. Before we inhale our first bite of turkey, we know that Santa Claus will soon be on his way.

I think my least favorite commercials, as far as holidays go, are Valentine’s Day. We learn that it’s okay to spend thousands of dollars on those carbon based stones that are formed under thousands of years of pressure from a simple piece of coal. In fact, these objects, according to what we are told, are a girl’s best friend.

If you look at it on a daily basis, you will find that commercials pretty much tell us everything we need to know to live our lives. They tell us what to eat, what to wear, how to wash, where to work, what to drive, who to marry (even though it’s not necessary these days), how to handle our finances, what to do in order to retire comfortably, provide our families with life insurance protection and how much it will cost to take a dirt nap.

Some companies employ advertising agencies that come up with such ridiculous ideas they dissuade you from purchasing the product. Of course, the company doesn’t have to accept the agency’s proposal…That’s one I’ll let you figure out.

There are three commercials in particular that deserve special mention. The first one says that if we eat French fries in the morning, it will change the world. The second one says that if we eat local, fresh food, we can change the world. The third one states that we will change the world one pet at a time. Now correct me if I’m wrong. I love French fries but have been told (by these same commercials I might add) that fried foods are bad for my arteries. As far as fresh local food, it’s good for your body as long as you don’t fry it. And as far as changing the world one pet at a time, I don’t believe I’ll waste the ink making a comment on that particular statement.

Whether you’re beginning a new manuscript, in the middle, or bringing it to a conclusion, be certain to keep it clear and concise unlike the chaotic world we all know, love, and hate as the commercial.

Now excuse me I’ve got cookies baking in my tree out back, the elves are on strike, and I wouldn’t want them to burn.

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  1. Well said. We have less in England than you guys across the pond but they really do spoil many programmes.

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