Pucker Up


prédation (Photo credit: tryphon4)

I don’t want this blog to turn into my bully pulpit. I would rather keep it lighthearted and informative, leaving you with a good taste in your mouth as you finish each entry. However, there are some occasions when I feel cases of man’s inhumanity to man need to be exposed.

We all know of human atrocities that happen all around the world. They make us cringe with morbid fascination and quite frankly, our estrangement from these grievous acts allows us to become complacent.

Oh, from time to time we’ll remember and comment how horrible these actions are, but we then continue our

day-to-day existence, once again oblivious to the plight of these unfortunate souls.

Let’s move to the great US of A.  Now certainly, we have our share of violence and other forms of destructive suffering that we inflict on one another.  There is one form of injustice, silent in its predation.   You know how I feel about the blood-sucking, belly-crawlers who seem to think that any act of man or even beast is cause for legal action.

Now enter the slug.  The slug does not actively hunt its sustenance, as the belly-crawler so often does.  Instead, it sits still in its puddle of slime and waits for its prey to come to it.  Its prey is usually composed of the unfortunate, and therefore, the least able to absorb the outlandish usury normally charged by these voracious lending institutions.

I don’t know when the notion of borrowing money to pay off borrowed money came into play, but certainly the old adage in this case rings true: there oughta be a law!  I watch these commercials and the people who supposedly care about our financial situation. How can they in such earnest  smile, knowingly, pulling someone deeper and deeper into their debt-laden ball of slime?  Kinda makes me wonder how some folks can sleep at night.

Just my two cents worth.  I hope I didn’t raise the dander on the back of anyone’s neck, unless you’re one of these predators.  In that case, you oughta be ashamed of yourself.  So there!

My best advice to you (at least I hope it’s good advice) is treat folks like you want to be treated (oops, there’s that golden rule), try to help people instead of hurting them.  If you can’t do these two things, you’re better off not doing anything at all, at least then you won’t be in the way.

As I try to tie this into writing, I soon realize that some grandiose equation pulling the two together would be, to say the least, difficult and at worst, detract from the point I was attempting to make.  So just to stay in line with the written word, my big finish: I like to write!

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  1. terri cox

    awesome!!!!! see you monday, lots of love, have a wonderful day!!!!!

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