Leave Me Alone; It’s Just a Hangnail!

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Generic regular strength enteric coated 325mg aspirin tablets, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At one time or another during our lives most of us will require the services of a good barrister–for example, responsible documentation such as wills or legal papers for business start-ups.  This also includes irresponsible behavior including, but not limited to, DUIs, robbery, vandalism and other criminal activities…and we mustn’t forget the ever popular divorce proceedings.

Even I have not escaped this legal mud bog.  Although I’ve managed to remain misdemeanor and felony free all my life, I have had to retain the services of legal counsel in the past.  My will is in order.  My business was started legally and ethically.  Even though the economy sent it swirling down the toilet, we twisted and turned knowing that we had been flushed in good conscious.

I’ve started a new paragraph thinking that the next topic deserved a place of its own on this post…and that would be my divorce.  You can’t believe what you are missing, especially when you have kids… what a wonderful experience this is.  The years it takes from your life are all planned for you.  The resources it relieves you of gives you that much less financial burden to worry about.  And the friends you incur during this endearing process last a lifetime, or at least until the child support comes to an end.

I have met and worked with lawyers of integrity, moral fiber and an ethical sense of right and wrong.  Now enter the circling buzzards.  You know, the meat wagon chasing belly crawlers we frequently encounter on our electronic picture boxes they use to enter our homes.

From near as I can tell there is a lawsuit for every drug ingested by man since the advent of aspirin in the early twentieth century until whatever new drug comes out tomorrow.  There are suits against surgical implants, common analgesics and even denture cream. And please know that my heart pours out to those affected by the side effects.

This entry in my blog is a partial repeat but I believe it bears saying again.  If our pharmaceuticals are taken off the market due to lawsuits then where do we find ourselves?  Since I asked the question I suppose I should come up with some kind of answer.  Go back a hundred years to the flu pandemic of 1911 and 1912.  Aspirin at that time was a miracle drug.  Do we really want to give up oral medication for more invasive procedures?  And what about my dentures? They’ll keep falling out.

As awkward as it may seem, I can easily relate this post to writing.  And that would be, and I emphasize:  DON’T WRITE ANYTHING STUPID!  Now excuse me.  I’m having a heart attack and my doctor told me to take two aspirin and call him in the morning.

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