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An artistic rendition of the kite experiment b...

An artistic rendition of the kite experiment by Benjamin West. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Electrical fluid.”What is it?” you ask.  “I haven’t a clue,” would be my reply. What I do know is that was the term used for electricity in Ben Franklin’s day. Now we know that Ben was a remarkable man. We know he wanted to prove that lightning was, in fact, electricity. We know that he published an article stating that a kite could be flown into a storm to prove this theory. Again we know (boy, we sure do know a lot) that supposedly June 15, 1752 is the date he performed the experiment. (More on this later).

Let’s examine “electrical fluid.” As I stated earlier, I’m not sure why the idiom, “electrical fluid,” was used instead of just using the word electricity.  But what I am sure of (this time it’s just me that knows something) we can apply this phrase to a style of writing that is, in my opinion, what most writers would prefer to write and majority of readers would prefer to read.  If you deconstruct the phrase “electrical fluid”, the word “electrical” would lend itself to writing that was exciting, keeping the reader on the edge of their seat wanting more .

The word “fluid” speaks for itself as it implies a writing style that flows and is easily read.  When putting the two words together you have (again, in my opinion) a work in its most pristine form, one that would generate interest no matter what genre you normally read.

Now, we’ll continue where we left off in the first paragraph.  Just to make you aware, “we know,” will once again  figure prominently in this paragraph.  We know (see, I told you so) that fifteen years after Franklin’s experiment, he was given credit in a published article .  We also know, that in the months following the experiment, a number of individuals were electrocuted attempting to duplicate Franklin’s results.

Finally, something we don’t know. Did Franklin actually perform the kite flying experiment?  Like I said, we don’t really know and if he did we don’t know exactly how he did it because he knew electrocution was always a possibility.

So in conclusion, what can we glean from this post?  We know, what we know. We don’t know, what we don’t know;  and most importantly, come in out of the rain.

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