Cob Webs and Dust Bunnies

When was the last time you swept cobwebs out of the corner or dust bunnies from under the bed? If you’re like me, it’s either have the wife do it or never. This will be one of the few  and possibly the only serious or semi-serious blog you will see from me.  In November 2006, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Two months later I was notified my department was closing and I was losing my job. Needless to say these were not the most glorious months of my life, but we got through them just the same.

Since then, I have begun writing.  I have one published book and am working on the fourth in a series that stems from the first. I am taking a break to begin writing a book on how to deal with chronic illnesses or at least how I have coped with my diagnosis. You see, I refuse to say that I actually have the disease. I am not in denial. I will just not allow it to take control in any way over my life. I do have limitations but consider them just a little inconvenience.

My wife has a caregiver blog on Word Press, also.  She will be writing several chapters in our book. I am a Christian and would ask for prayer so that this book may help others who struggle each day. Now, you are probably wondering what’s with the cobwebs and dust bunnies? One thing I have learned is that we have two choices, to cry or to laugh. I choose to laugh and at the risk of offending some people, I tend to make fun of and am very irreverent towards the disease.

Such as, I came up with two Olympic sports; the dust bunny obstacle course and my favorite, the three meter fall and crawl. Now, if you are thin-skinned and what I have written has offended you, I am truly sorry but I make no apology for showing the disease the lack of respect it deserves. As far as the cobwebs go, they just kinda fit in with dust bunnies and since they don’t get much in the way of recognition, I thought I would give them their few seconds of fame.  Who knows, if I run for office one day, I bet I’ll have the collective dust constituency all wrapped up.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my blog and I plan to post many more.


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