As the Tide Turns

The term “ebb and flow” carries with it many connotations. “Ebb” is simply when the water begins to surge out, heading to what we commonly refer to as “low tide.” “Flow” being the opposite…is well…the opposite, “high tide.” You can also remove this force of nature from its usual placement in the scheme of physics and apply it to things the average person knows something about.

I would be remiss if I failed to say that it was not my intention to imply that you, the reader, was of average intelligence and ignorant concerning the science of physics. Rather my intent is to show an inability on my part to barely recognize the word (physics) much less apply it to any cognitive concept within my mind or intelligible written form. That being said, the model of “ebb and flow” could pertain to something completely different such as a sporting event…say a football game, where “ebb” would be represented by the weaker team, as they retreated, being overrun and slaughtered by the stronger team or “flow,” not unlike the incoming tide.

Another example we find is a yearly ritual known as the New Year’s Eve party. This annual celebration has a unique order of events in keeping with the “ebb and flow” theme. The evening begins with a slow “flow,” building to a frenzied high tide of alcohol, black-eyed peas, cabbage and cornbread, as the clock strikes twelve midnight. The “ebb” follows quickly, dropping instantly to a muddy bottomed low tide. This murky tide remains as the wayfaring souls exit the dry dock, in search of slumber, some attempting to revive the midnight “high tide” with smaller personal “flows.”

This concept even works well in the “storied”(pun intended) world of writing. A well written story will impart the essence of the “ebb and flow” paradigm. As your tale develops, though containing several different story lines, it should continuously wax and wane just as the moon pulls the tides from high to low. This constantly building framework should culminate in a searing climax leaving the reader literally “literary” speaking…drained.

Wow! What a ride! Until next time…


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