Do you recall the last great book you read? What made it so intriguing? Was it the story or did you find yourself living vicariously through the character’s antics and adventures? Could it have been the setting–one that had been a long time dream of yours to visit? Or maybe you’ve been there and as you poured over the words, the sights, sounds, and smells began flooding your senses, bringing you once again to the place that you longed to revisit.

Whether a neighboring county, an exotic eastern excursion, or perhaps an alien world barely cleaving an existence in a newly born star system, this work of literature lit a spark in you…a spark that waits patiently to grow until the next great read. What will inspire you then…?

Whatever you encounter you’ll find it to be an integral part of the larger journey.  Savor all the unknown twists and turns as you navigate through the paper maze.

As I write, I strive to bring the reader literally into the story by proceeding him/her there, cleverly hiding within the pages and when the time is right, I spring the trap and pull them in; never the wiser until it’s too late! The ironic part to all of this, (myself included) is the passionate response we experience concerning the people and places that only exist in our minds.


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